Without Hesitation

So Abraham rose early in the morning, saddled his donkey, and took two of his young men with him, and his son Isaac.
Without Hesitation
This is an extraordinary example and a description of perfect obedience, when so suddenly and at one and the same time Abraham thrusts out of sight and does away with everything he used to hold dearest in his life: his home, his wife, and his son who had been so long expected and upon whom such grand promises had been heaped. . . . Moses states that [Abraham] rose, did not delay, and did not hesitate. When we are sure about God's will and believe that He has commanded what we have under consideration, the matter must be undertaken, not with trepidation or hesitation but with the utmost eagerness, even if one had to expose oneself to a thousand dangers or to death itself. For the Word of God cannot be without effect. But when we obey God's command, the outcome determined in advance surely follows, even though the very gates of hell fight against it. . .. Abraham overcomes his trials by faith. And without a doubt he had very great trials. He knows that God has given him a command. Therefore he hastens to carry it out without regard for a contrary opinion of Sarah or of the domestics or of any other creature. What is stated in the psalm (119:50) is firmly impressed on his heart: "Thy Law is my very great comfort, because it gives me life." In the same way let him who has a sure Word of God, in whatever vocation he may be, only believe and have courage, and God will undoubtedly grant a favorable outcome.
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