The Lord Will See

So Abraham called the name of that place, The Lord Will See; as it is said to this day: On the mount the Lord will see.
GENESIS 22:14 (according to Luther's translation)
The Lord Will See
This name, The Lord Will See, has a correlative relation, so to speak, to those who are on the mountain and worship God; for God, in turn, has regard for them and hears them. Therefore this mountain, which long ago was sacred because of the religious practice of the fathers – as was stated above—is now also consecrated by God Himself, since He sanctifies and cares for both the place and those who come there as worshipers. Consequently, the name of the mountain abounds in comfort; for it implies a relation between him who fears—that is, calls upon God and gives thanks—and God, who accepts or hears vows and prayers—between him who adores and Him who is adored. Inasmuch as the place had been appointed previously for the worship of God, Abraham is now fully assured that God is present there and inclines His eyes and ears toward all who worship and adore at this place.
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