Christ Is the Pledge

"By Myself I have sworn... I will surely bless you."
GENESIS 22:16-17
Christ Is the Pledge
Our trust will be perfect when life and death, glory and shame, adversity and good fortune will be alike to us. But we shall not attain this through speculation; it will have to be learned in trial and prayer. For here there is no argument about the words "God is truth"; but there is an argument about the subject matter, namely, that God does not lie when He swears and when He promises the greatest blessings, life, and deliverance from sin and hell, and when He so firmly assures every one of us: "You, human being, shall surely live, or I Myself shall not live. Hell has been overcome and destroyed for you, or I Myself shall be destroyed and cease to be God. Indeed, in order that you may have no doubt, you have My Son given to you as a gift." To believe these most glorious promises and to expect these blessings from God with firm confidence is true faith. And God wants our hearts to be aroused to this confidence not only by the examples of Abraham and others—and not only by His promises—but also because He has given His own Son for us, to be a gift and a pledge of heavenly blessings.
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