The Kinds of Life

Sarah lived 127 years; these were the years of the life of Sarah.
The Kinds of Life
A consideration of the years of the lives of Sarah would be more profitable. For Moses is referring to the great and infinite variety of changes, misfortunes, and perils, as well as to the very widely different kinds of life that Sarah saw and bore. She was born in Babylon, and there she married. Soon after this she left with her husband and lived in Haran. Later on she dwelt in the land of Canaan. There Abraham was a sojourner. Finally he came to Egypt and Gerar. These most annoying changes and migrations the very saintly mother endured with great courage, and in regard to every outcome of all her misfortunes she was most patient. . .. Scripture has no comments even on the death of other matriarchs, just as it makes no mention of how many years Eve lived and of where she died. Of Rachel it is recorded that she died in childbirth (Genesis 35:16-19). All the other women it passes over and covers with silence, with the result that we have no knowledge of the death of Mary, the mother of Christ. Sarah alone has this glory, that the definite number of her years, the time of her death, and the place of her burial are described. Therefore this is great praise and very sure proof that she was precious in the eyes of God.