Abraham Wept

And Abraham went in to mourn for Sarah and to weep for her.
Abraham Wept
By this example Holy Scripture shows that mourning or weeping over dead parents, a wife, or friends does not displease God. Indeed, it is wrong not to weep. The world, which is totally leprous, calls the lack of natural affection—which means not being influenced by affection or love for one's wife, children, or relatives—courage; but this is utter madness and is not a virtue. . .. Moreover, it belongs to mourning that you grieve and are sad from the heart, to the extent that a sad face, tears, sighs, and lamenting reveal your grief. It is for this reason that Moses writes clearly and commends Abraham's mourning and lamenting. Observe also how Jacob weeps on account of Joseph (Genesis 37:34-35). Accordingly, the saintly fathers were affected by the misfortunes and disasters of human nature. They wept with those who wept (Romans 12:15). They were not logs and blocks of wood. No, they had most tender emotions and affections. For they had a knowledge of God. He who knows God also knows, understands, and loves the creature, because there are traces of divinity in the creature.
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