The Honorable Marriage

[Abraham said to his servant,] "Go to my country and to my kindred, and take a wife for my son Isaac."
The Honorable Marriage
The canonists [scholars devoted to the study of ecclesiastical law] define wedlock in an exceedingly frigid manner. It is the union of male and female, they say, in accordance with the law of nature. This is a very poor and weak definition. . .. Theology has a different definition. Marriage, it says, is the inseparable union of one man and one woman, not only according to the law of nature but also according to God's will and pleasure, if I may use this expression. For the will and approval and that favor of God cover the wretched depravity of lust and turn away God's wrath, which is in store for such lust and sins. In this way matrimony is treated with reverence. . .. What this passage teaches is that parents should concern themselves about an honorable marriage for their sons and daughters. . .. But I warn again that for entering into marriage it is above all necessary to call upon God that He may choose and bestow the wife or husband. If this is done, God's blessing and all good fortune in marriage follow.
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