An Angel before You

"The LORD, the God of heaven . . . He will send His angel before you."
An Angel before You
This very excellent conclusion, by which [Abraham] establishes with certainty that angels will be with his servant, is based on God's promises: "I have a God who has angels; He will send an angel to accompany and help you." This is an altogether marvelous statement and trust which leads him to believe that this work has already been entrusted to the angels in order that they may be present with his servant. He thought: "I shall do my part; I shall give my servant gifts to bring to the bride. God will add an angel to take care of the rest." Thus he commits the matter to God and the angels in complete and perfect faith. He thinks that those heavenly spirits and princes are engaged in this seemingly insignificant, carnal, and foolish work. And so sure is he about their service that he knows and believes not only that he has the angels at home, but that they are also present wherever he sends his servant. Because we have the God of heaven and earth, the angels are our protectors, guardians, yes, our attendants, wherever we are.
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