The Companionship of Angels

"[God] will send His angel before you."
The Companionship of Angels
Since we know that we are enjoying the companionship, protection, and friendship of the angels, let us give thanks to God, and let us imitate their virtues and services of love and of mutual goodwill. . .. Let us learn that our best and most steadfast friends are invisible, namely, the angels, who in their faithfulness, goodwill, and friendly services far surpass our visible friends, just as the invisible wicked angels and devils are enemies more dangerous than those who are visible. Whatever mischief is done springs from the former rather than from the latter, whom we see with our eyes. On the other hand, if anything good happens, it is performed entirely by the good angels. Therefore if we believe and are godly, the good angels are our best friends, just as they were the best friends of Isaac and Rebecca, who were sinners and undeserving of such great assistance. But because they believed, they had angels joined to them as their servants. Thus we, too, should maintain that we are enjoying the companionship of the heavenly spirits, no matter how greatly we are marred by sins and how unworthy we are of the service of such excellent creatures.
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