Thanksgiving for the Smallest Things

When [Rebekah] had finished giving him a drink, she said, "I will draw water for your camels also."
Kindness to All
It is not hospitable enough to have given him a drink; she also gives a drink to the camels and the rest of the servants. She is so obliging and godly that she does not consider it beneath her dignity to be the maidservant of the stranger and his camels. For this reason she is later on raised to such a high position of honor that she becomes a matriarch. These were evidently the customs of the most ancient fathers, who accustomed their children to the ordinary duties of kindheartedness and respect toward any people whatever, in order that they might be ready to serve others and to converse with them in a pleasant and friendly manner. These virtues the Holy Spirit commends in this passage. He even describes every particular and motion, in order to indicate that all the works of the godly which proceed from a pure and believing heart are most pleasing to Him.
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