I Am Your God

And the LORD appeared to [Isaac] the same night and said, "I am the God of Abraham your father. Fear not, for I am with you and will bless you and multiply your offspring for My servant Abraham's sake."
I Am Your God
We should sustain ourselves with this comfort, and we should look for it with firm confidence. The voice from heaven sets it before us: "I am your God; I am the Gods of Abraham; you are My servants." As Isaiah 26:19 says: 'Arise, O dwellers in the dust; because My dead bodies shall arise. Thy dew is like the dew of the meadows." There God speaks with the dead just as if they were living; and this very Word is the most powerful proof that we are not mortal, but that we are immortal even in death. For God speaks with us even in our own speech and in human language. God knows that this life is short. But why would He speak with us, and indeed in such a manner that He employs our own language, if we did not live forever? For otherwise He would be uttering His Word in vain for the sake of only a moment of time. But He does not speak in vain. . .. The person of God, who speaks, and the Word point out that we are the kind of creatures with whom God would want to speak eternally and in an immortal manner. Such a God or Gods, as He is called here, Abraham has; and he who clings to Abraham's promise has the same God and is a servant of God. Eventually he will live while he sleeps, even though he is dead.
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