Look for Eternal Blessings

"Fear not, for I am with you and will bless you and multiply your offspring for My servant Abraham's sake."
Look for Eternal Blessings
As for you, if God tries and scourges you, believe, and be satisfied with the Word you have in Psalm 91:15: "I am with you in trouble. I will deliver you, not only from trouble but from death, sickness, and shame. I will care for you." To be sure, the eyes do not see this, nor do the hands touch it; but to the believer all things are possible. And what has been said in this passage to the patriarch Isaac, the same thing is said to us: "I am with you, and I will keep what I have promised. From Me you must look not only for physical blessings but also for eternal blessings." "But assuredly the opposite is apparent," says Isaac. "It seems that Thou art cursing me. I must perish of thirst together with my wife, my children, and my whole household. This is not a divine blessing, is it?" God's answer is: "Fear not. You will not perish of thirst." And He adds: "I will multiply your seed for My servant Abraham's sake. I will multiply you not only now but also your seed and descendants in the future." This is a repetition of the blessing together with an amplification by which He reassures him about eternal life and immortality.
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