Blessing Versus Curse

Jacob went near to Isaac his father, who felt him and said, "The voice is Jacob's voice, but the hands are the hands of Esau."
Blessing Versus Curse
God brings it about that Isaac is intent on his duty of blessing and removes [the doubt] from his mind.... Thus Holy Scripture presents the accounts of the saints in such a way that it gives praise to the power of faith. . .. Rebecca proves this power and might of faith with her exceedingly dangerous deed, where it was a matter of an eternal curse or an eternal blessing. For the blessing is eternal life; the curse is death. There is a debate about whether or not Jacob, and his mother with him, would be eternally cursed. In a conflict so great and arduous Rebecca sets the kingdom of heaven before her eyes as open and appoints herself the mother of the blessing. On what basis? On the basis of the Word. For nobody does anything successfully or believes without the Word. This text, "The elder shall serve the younger" [Genesis 25:23] gave her courage. From it she concluded that the blessing belonged to the younger, not to the older. To be sure, Isaac did not understand it; but the mother pondered it carefully, and the Holy Spirit collaborated. He gives no one faith through mere speculations. No, He gives it through the Word. . .. For since the things that are of the Holy Spirit are not apparent, everything seems hostile and dead. But when the heart takes hold of the Word, then the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit follows, and the power and might to do amazing things.
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