Victory in the Cross

"Cursed be everyone who curses you, and blessed be everyone who blesses you!"
Victory in the Cross
In the last part, the holy cross follows. Yet at the same time it is victory through and in the cross. . . The fact that Isaac pronounces this verdict shows that he has great power—power at which hell, together with its demons, and the whole world, with all its might, are compelled to tremble. For this is what he wants to say: "I know that these blessings will be odious to the devil, the world, and the flesh. I know that this is bound to happen, O Jacob. To be sure, I am heaping great gifts on you; I am exalting and glorifying you. For you will be a father without poverty, a king without hindrance, a priest and a saver of souls against the will of the gates of hell (cf. Matthew 16:18). But remember that all these things are a matter of promise, that they have not come to fulfillment in the complete victory which is still hoped for and in prospect. Therefore you will have these things in such a way that it will seem to you that you have nothing at all. For you will be assailed in the household, in the state, and in the church. The ungodly will envy you all these things, and you will be cursed by them in such a way that the curse has been made ready alongside the blessing. Although I am blessing you, the devil and the world will come, your brothers will come, and will curse you; they will persecute you and attempt to defeat and destroy your blessings."
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