Be Strong in the Face of Curses

"Cursed be everyone who curses you."
Be Strong in the Face of Curses
How many even very pious people . . . feel the curses and anguish of hell more than they feel the divine and heavenly blessings. . .. However, nothing departs from the blessing. No, the blessing remains unalterable, firm, exceedingly rich, and greater than we understand. Paul has the same complaint when he says (2 Corinthians 12:7) that a thorn was given him in the flesh and also (Acts 14:22) that we must enter the kingdom of heaven through many tribulations. Accordingly, curses will not be lacking. But go forth to face them more boldly, be strong, and cling steadfastly to the blessing, no matter how much everything seems to be full of a curse. For this is what we should conclude: It is sure that I have been baptized. I have heard the Word from the mouth of the minister. I have made use of the Sacrament of the Altar. This is the divine and unchangeable truth. Even though I am weak, it is sure and unalterable. . .. And if we are unable to confess with a loud shout, let us at least make ourselves heard in a low murmur as best we can. . .. For this reason Christ so assiduously exhorts us to persevere. "By your endurance you will gain your lives" (Luke 21:19). You are children of the kingdom, your sins are forgiven, the devil has been overcome and laid low under your feet, sin and death will do you no harm; but you are blameless. Therefore bear the hostile curses with equanimity.
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