Certainty of the Blessing

"In you and your offspring shall all the families of the earth be blessed."
Certainty of the Blessing
[God] means to say: "Not only will you possess the land in which you are sleeping, but you will break out in such a way that the blessed Seed will proceed without any resistance and will be spread out with might into the whole world." . . . This is how God consoles Jacob, and in him the whole Church, in order that he may be certain about his descendants. For although Esau exercises dominion after Jacob has been cast off and driven into exile, and even though he is really king and priest in the meantime, so that everything is full of despair and nothing is less likely than that Jacob will be the future heir and ruler in the house or the Church, yet this is of little importance. "Be stouthearted, and endure. For not only will you be the heir in the house, and not only will the blessing of Abraham and the possession of this land be bestowed on you; but I also assure you that you will be a patriarch over the whole earth and the father of the blessed Seed, through whom all the nations will be blessed. And I will accomplish this when I rage against him who rages." . . . God shows His strength, according to the saying (2 Corinthians 12:9): "My power is made perfect in weakness." . . . Thus Christ was strongest when He was dead and weakest. For in that weakness He condemned the world and the ruler of this world together with all their power and wisdom.
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