Safe and Sound

"Behold, I am with you and will keep you wherever you go."
Safe and Sound
This should be applied to our use, in order that we may acknowledge the magnitude of God's grace, which has been revealed and given to us through the Gospel. For we are absolved through the Word, and on the authority of Christ we are told: "I baptize you; I extend to you the body and blood of Christ; I tear your soul by force from the power of the devil; I set you free from eternal death and damnation; and I make you a child of God and an heir of eternal life." . . . But how few there are who believe these things as they should! Much less do we comprehend them, but we only take hold of them in one way or another. Yet they are completely true. And surely we must die in this faith. Otherwise we shall fall from our salvation and not remain safe and sound against the devil for even one moment. For he rages horribly when he hears that this is taught in this way, and he persecutes those who preach it or who listen to this doctrine and embrace it. But we should listen with grateful hearts and with joy, and we should believe at least weakly. Only let us not fight against it, blaspheme, persecute, reject, and deny. . .. But how? Believe in the Seed of Abraham, the Son of God. This faith is our victory which overcomes the world (1 John 5:4), vanquishes the devil, and destroys the gates of hell (cf. Matthew 16:18).
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