Love at First Sight

Now as soon as Jacob saw Rachel the daughter of Laban his mother's brother....
Love at First Sight
When in his exile [Jacob] found Rachel, his blood relation, he took courage and gained great hope that at last he would obtain what he had in mind and what his father had commanded him with respect to taking a wife. Therefore he is immediately inflamed with love at first sight, and natural desire toward his kinswoman comes to the fore, so that the twofold impulse of faith and love made his body and heart more animated. For he wanted to show himself as a man of strength and agility—in order that he might capture the maiden's heart and entice her to fall in love with him. And these things, too, are only natural. But they are recorded by the Holy Spirit in order that no one may think that they are disgraceful or forbidden. For it is a Christian and godly thing to love a girl to join her to you in marriage, since there is a natural desire and inclination of sex to sex. Although this is not completely without sin, yet God does not want it to be despised as dishonorable. For it is a work of God created in man's nature, and it should not only not be despised or vilified but should even be honored. For God wants to be glorified in all works, both small and great.
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