Praise the Lord

And [Leah] conceived again and bore a son, and said, "This time I will praise the LORD." Therefore she called his name Judah.
Praise the Lord
Lyra [a 13th-century Bible commentator] . . . distinguishes the trials of Leah piously enough according to four points: she was despised by Rachel, neglected by her husband, regarded as a foreigner and an outsider by the neighbors and the household, and finally cast off by God. . . . But against these four evidences of sorrow and despair God gives Leah four other evidences of consolation, namely, four sons. In the first place, against Rachel's contempt He has regard for her humility. Second, because she was being neglected so far by her husband, He hears her prayer. Third, lest she seem to be a stranger and completely excluded, God grants that her husband is joined to her and clings to her. Fourth, she triumphs victoriously over all trials. She is no longer looked down on and despised, but she praises God and gives thanks. We, too, should follow this example and learn that after a trial God is wont to grant liberation and consolation in rich abundance. In this way all sorrow and disturbance is overcome. But it is hard for the flesh to wait for consolation from God. Therefore such examples of faith are set forth in order that we may see how Leah cried out, believed, waited, and bore every wrong and vexation from her sister in faith and hope. And finally God had regard for her as she hoped in Him, and He comforted her richly.
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