God Cares for Us

"I will be with you."
God Cares for Us
Men should be individually certain about this, that they are the people of God, or members of the Church. Above all things this faith is necessary which firmly apprehends the following syllogism. The whole people of God is blessed, holy, pleasing, and acceptable to God in such a way that it cannot be torn from the hands of God. We are the people of God. Therefore God exercises care for us. The major premise is eminently true, because even the death and blood of the saints are precious in the sight of the Lord (cf. Psalm 116:15); all they do and suffer is pleasing to God. On the contrary, their errors and lapses have been covered and forgiven, as Psalm 32:1 testifies. But about the minor premise there is some question. For also the Turk, the pope, and the Jews boast that they are such a people, pleasing and acceptable to God. And so we must see to it that we are certain about the minor premise, namely, that we are the sons of God, members of the flock and people of God, under the one Shepherd, Christ. If you can firmly and surely determine this, then you are blessed. Therefore be of good courage and do not be disturbed or fearful even if the whole world should crash into ruin, for, indeed, you are sure that you are under that Shepherd who is Lord of heaven and earth.
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