The Fight against Doubt

[Jacob said,] "The God of my father has been with me."
The Fight against Doubt
How am I to know for certain that I belong to the people of God? Before the incarnation of Christ the fathers had the promise, the Word, and the voice of God. They also had the sign of circumcision. We today have the Keys, Baptism, the Eucharist, and the promises of the Gospel. From this source you are to gather arguments and demonstrations by which you may become certain that you are a Christian, that you have been baptized and are walking in a godly and holy calling. See that you do not blaspheme but love the Word and serve God in some honorable employment. If this remains fixed in your heart, even though there will have to be a fight against doubt, you may nevertheless conclude and infer that you are a person whose deeds are all the object of God's care and please Him. You should think as follows: "I shall follow my calling and perform a servant's, master's, child's duties with Jacob. For I know that all these things are held in honor and are precious before the Lord our God." It is necessary for these matters to be repeated because of the continuous struggle against doubt. For the opposite of the Word and divine comfort is thrown up to our senses. The flesh has a different experience, so that all things seem to be inflicted on the godly in an adverse manner, since, indeed, the ungodly are fortunate and the godly are afflicted. Therefore faith is a matter of invisible things until the final outcome proves the truth of the promises.
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