I Have Enough

"Please accept my blessing that is brought to you, because God has dealt graciously with me, and because I have enough."
I Have Enough
[Jacob] wants to say: "I have not brought a magnificent and imposing gift which is worthy of admiration, but it is the blessing of God. I beg you to accept it on this account, that it may be a pledge and reminder of my gratitude and the blessing of God, by whose gift and grace I offer this to you, such as it is." . . . Previously Esau said: "I have . . . plenty" [Genesis 33:9]. [Jacob] amplifies his blessing: "I not only have abundance, but I have everything." These are words of a person in exultation and transport over the joy occasioned by the face of God and brother shown to him in grace, mercy, and goodwill. "If only I have God's grace and yours," he means to say, "it is enough and more than enough for me, nor would I suffer any loss if I gave everything to you. I am losing nothing, and I shall never be in need since you have become reconciled to me. I am a rich lord because I have God and you as my friends." All this shows how faith revived and was aroused in Jacob and how he now reigns and triumphs again. For Jacob has now come to the conclusion that his blessing is equal to all the wealth of the whole world.
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