Good Fruits of Domesticity

Jacob journeyed to Succoth, and built himself a house and made booths for his livestock.
Good Fruits of Domesticity
The Holy Spirit set forth these matters, namely, to testify that all the works of the saints, however lowly and childish they may be, are pleasing and acceptable as good fruits in the sight of God. Included are not only those sublime theological virtues like contests with death, sins, and other temptations and the victories over the same fraught with great perils, but even those lowly, domestic, and humble services, so that we may learn to regulate our life in this manner that we may be certain that we are pleasing to God in all our acts of duty. I do not always pray, nor do I always meditate on the Law of the Lord and struggle continually with sin, death, and the devil; but I put on my clothes, I sleep, I play with the children, eat, drink, etc. If all these things are done in faith, they are approved by God's judgment as having been done rightly.
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