Recall the Promises

"Make an altar there to the God who appeared to you when you fled from your brother Esau."
Recall the Promises
The Lord orders the patriarch to build an altar at Bethel, and He reminds him of his former tribulation and comforts him with the examples of preceding temptations and rescues, as though He meant to say: "Recall the promises made to you before this time and reflect what happened to you previously when you fled from your brother Esau and what you suffered and in what a kindly manner I rescued and defended you." . . . "Remember, therefore," the Lord went on to say, "that you also had a promise of protection previously in Bethel and how I rescued you like a father from many great temptations and kept My promises faithfully." At this statement Jacob breathed again and recovered his courage. The wound inflicted by his sons was suddenly healed, because the Word of God makes alive and gives comfort. . .. This, therefore, is a glorious consolation which God shows to Jacob. For it is just as if He were saying: "I have death and life and all times in My hand. Only believe, and you will be saved."
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