Rescue Will Come, but Not Yet

"Come, let us sell [Joseph] to the Ishmaelites."
Rescue Will Come, but Not Yet
God wanted His saints and Church to endure such horrible trials that their hearts might be aroused to reflect what a great thing it was that the Son of God was on our account also torn away for a time, so to say, and sent into exile and cast into hell that He might rescue us from the exile of the most obstinate sin and eternal damnation... . This is the picture of the Church of all times, which God has set forth in His Son and His saints. If you want to be Christians, adapt yourselves to it! Therefore let us learn to obey God in such troubles and adversities and to keep our eyes fixed on heaven.... This, then, was God's purpose in what befell Joseph and Jacob. "My dear Jacob and Joseph, I see what evils are bearing down on you; I am not sleeping, but I do not want to remove them and comfort you at present. For the time of rescue is not yet at hand, but you must first experience and learn what the devil, the world, sons, brothers, and death are, so that My grace may become even sweeter and that you may see that you were under My care in tribulation and death. For not even a hair of your head will fall without My nod and will, provided you are not broken in spirit but learn to endure and to bear the cross. I will certainly keep what I have promised. I have promised that I will bless you; I will keep that promise and I will not lie. The flesh indeed murmurs, but resist it and rule over it by faith and the expectation of rescue!"
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