Exile and Weeping

They took Joseph to Egypt.... Thus his father wept for him.
GENESIS 37:28, 35
Exile and Weeping
Unhappy Joseph is carried off by those who bought him and compelled to pass by Hebron; and then, to be sure, the thought enters his mind: "Behold, my father is living here, and he does not know what is happening to me, nor am I permitted to speak to him, to look upon him, and to leave him my last farewell." This was assuredly a great and wretched misfortune! I forbear making mention of the father, who, after he had discovered the deed cried out: "I shall go down to Sheol; I shall be buried with my son. After losing him, this life will never be pleasant and welcome to me." . . . Meanwhile, during this horrible cross of the father and the son, God is deaf and dumb, taking no thought of the things that are done and not knowing them. But faith is present, and God is still speaking to his heart, saying: "O Joseph, wait; be patient; believe! Do not despair! Cling to the promise which you heard from your father!" In this way God speaks to him through the word of his father. "God promised seed to your great-grandfather, your grandfather, and father. Persevere in that promise with firm faith!" But He speaks with him in a wonderful silence. . .. Later, He will really speak with him in a wonderful manner when He appoints him king and savior of Egypt. But now Joseph is buried and dead, and he has his Preparation and Sabbath; his father is also dying, but they will both rise again by the power of God, which makes the dead alive.
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