Proof of Grace

The Midianites had sold [Joseph] in Egypt to Potiphar, an officer of Pharaoh, the captain of the guard.
Proof of Grace
These examples, therefore, are set before us that we may accustom ourselves to endurance in afflictions so that we may not be impatient and murmur, no matter by how many great disasters we are overwhelmed. It certainly hurts, as it undoubtedly also must have hurt the tender heart of Joseph. Certainly, the human heart cannot endure and overcome these hardships without great grief and pain. Thus Joseph was no doubt deeply stricken and disturbed and thought that he was being torn from his father in an unworthy manner, thrown to strangers, and consigned to perpetual slavery, where he could never obtain anything that was his own or hope for liberty but would be compelled to be a slave of slaves. For slavery, even of itself, is burdensome and wretched enough even when other difficulties are not added to it. But it is more troublesome for the excellent youth because he is deprived of parents and all the advantages of this life in the flower of his youth. Therefore if our Lord God lets such experiences come upon His children, we should not murmur when things do not always turn out for us just as we want them to. If God lets His saints, whom He loves dearly, be so afflicted, then let us, too, bear it patiently if at some time sad and adverse experiences fall to our lot. For these matters are not signs of wrath and of being forsaken but rather proofs of grace for the testing of our faith.
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