Favor in His Master's Sight

Joseph found favor in his [master's] sight and attended him, and he made him overseer of his house and put him in charge of all that he had.
Favor in His Master's Sight
This managerial position that Joseph holds is both honorable to the highest degree and exceedingly hard. For who could bear this as easily as he did? For 11 years he has endured the most wretched slavery without any wages, unless perhaps some profit came his way later, when he gained his freedom. But while he is a slave, all his labors redound to the advantage of his master. Therefore besides food and clothing, and in very meager supply at that, he had nothing; and the fact that he bears the direst poverty with equanimity is also praiseworthy. For at that age he should have contracted matrimony, begotten children, and supported a household of his own. All these things he has to do without, and still he foresees no end of his slavery. Nevertheless, he endures it and depends on God's help with firm hope and faith. For he thinks: "Even if this burden has to be borne longer, I will not be broken in spirit; nor will I despair. I have learned from my father to endure, to wait, and to call upon the Lord. This teaching I will retain and practice till the end of my life."
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