Blessing for the Sake of the Godly

The LORD blessed the Egyptian's house for Joseph's sake.
Blessing for the Sake of the Godly
God is accustomed to bless even unworthy and ungodly men for the sake of one godly and good man. . .. Therefore just as Jacob was a blessing in the house of Laban, so Joseph was a blessing in the house of his Egyptian master. This is the way our Lord God does things. He so loves those who call upon Him and wait for His help and gifts that for the sake of one man He blesses a whole land. . .. Accordingly, one must note carefully that God blesses the ungodly for the sake of the Church. For if the world were without the Church and the Gospel were not taught and learned, the world would have perished long since. Thus God is with us today, for we have the Word and the Sacraments. He speaks and works through us; He frees many from death and eternal damnation. We are the saviors of the world; and whatever good Germany has is not the result of her own power, virtue, or wisdom, but has been received from those rejected, despised, and accursed people who are called Christians.
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