A Hypocrite's Conduct

As soon as she saw that [Joseph] had left his garment in her hand and had fled out of the house, she called to the men of her household.
GENESIS 39:13-14
A Hypocrite's Conduct
All [Joseph's] most excellent virtues disappear, and as a reward for them he is accused of adultery, hypocrisy, and crimes of every kind, as if with singular cunning he had made a pretense of this innocence and faithfulness in office in order that he might be able to have intercourse with the lady of the house whenever the opportunity was favorable. Thus he bears the disgraceful conduct of the harlot. It deforms his best works most horribly and defiles them with the poison of the devil. . .. The same thing actually happened to Christ. For why does He raise the dead, heal the sick, and perform other miracles? "With no other end in view," reply Annas and Caiaphas "than to be made king and to destroy the place and us all. Away with Him! Away with Him! Crucify Him! He wanted to deceive and destroy us with His hypocrisy, with which He has deluded the stupid mob up to this day." Indeed, even the people themselves cried out later: "We thought that He wanted to benefit us, but with those benefits He would almost have destroyed us." Such a hypocrite is the devil. Sometimes he does good in order that he may do more harm. But this mark he later fastens on the works of the godly, as though the things they do piously and usefully were done to harm and overthrow the whole world.
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