The Devil's Attacks

As soon as his master heard the words that his wife spoke to him . . . his anger was kindled.
GENESIS 39:19 .11
The Devil's Attacks
These things are set before us in the Church by the Holy Spirit for our instruction, that we may learn to believe in God and to fear Him, but later to fight and stand against the devil when he assails our faith and chastity as he attacks the faith of Joseph here by means of lust. For after chastity has been violated by adultery or promiscuous lusts, faith, too, is immediately violated. Therefore let us make a stand for the Word and for faith and a good conscience, on the right and on the left, when the report is good and when it is evil (2 Corinthians 6:7-8). So far indeed Joseph has been in the best repute because of his most respectable morals, by which the heart of the lady of the house was inflamed so strangely to lust. In this respect, of course, he has been a happy and fortunate man who was most pleasing to all the members of the household. But now that his good reputation has been lost, he must contend with the most evil infamy. He goes through this too. But these things were not written for the sake of Joseph himself, who did not know that they were ever to be put down in writing by Moses. No, they are set before us in order that we may imitate the examples of godliness and chastity; and to this end they must be retained, dealt with, and learned in the Church.
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