An Unjust Reward

Joseph's master took him and put him into the prison.
An Unjust Reward
This is assuredly the greatest and heaviest cross, and truly shameful pay is given to Joseph for the services he has performed most faithfully for 18 years. Not only his labors but also his virtues are paid for with punishment and a most disgraceful death. . .. In great part we serve, teach, admonish, suffer, give consolation, and do the things commanded by God for unworthy men. Here we gain nothing for our services but hatred, envy, and exile; and our whole life is nothing else than the loss of kindnesses. Therefore you must never hope that the world will acknowledge and remunerate your faithfulness and diligence; for it does the opposite, as this example attests. . . Let us not bear this ingratitude with impatience, since we have been born and placed into this life and station by God to serve the world and to gather the elect for eternal salvation. If there are any good men who acknowledge our services, there is reason for self-congratulation on our part. But if the greater part curses, condemns, and slays us, we should know that this is our reward. And in this we should become like the Son of God and all the saints, who, in return for the greatest services, experienced the utmost ingratitude of men.
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