The Lord Begins to Help

The LORD was with Joseph and showed him steadfast love.
The Lord Begins to Help
Christ, the Bishop of souls (1 Peter 2:25) who is mindful of hell and death, is the only one who sees Joseph, the only one who cares about Him. He rejoices that such a beautiful sacrifice is being offered to Him. Therefore when all things seem hopeless, and no help or comfort is left, then the help of the Lord begins. He says: "Behold, I am present, Joseph; let it be enough for you that I am mindful of you." Accordingly, this text—"The Lord was with Joseph"—is full of consolation and joy. For although he is not yet liberated, God is nevertheless already thinking about raising him up from death and hell after his blood has cried long enough to heaven (Genesis 4:10) and has brought it about that the Lord became the Bishop of his soul and inclined His mercy to him. . . . Christ gave Joseph the Holy Spirit in prison, the Spirit of truth, who sustained him in death, disgrace, and confusion, and inspired in him this feeling: "Do not fear; let your heart be strengthened; wait for the Lord!" This is complete and very great comfort, namely, that God has regard for him and inclines His gift to him, that is, breathes into him the spirit of fortitude and wisdom, and makes of him a firm, strong, and living saint. For He quickens him in the midst of death and mortifies him in damnation itself. Therefore his heart can conclude: "No matter how much the master rages against me, I will nevertheless not die; my virtue and good name will not perish."
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