External Comfort

The LORD . . . gave [Joseph] favor in the sight of the keeper of the prison.
External Comfort
[Joseph's] conscience is again uplifted and gladdened; for God speaks to his heart, that is, winningly and pleasantly: "My grace is sufficient for you (2 Corinthians 12:9); I give you My Spirit, that you may not perish. I will give you a cheerful heart, that you may be able to endure." And this was the first consolation, when his conscience within him was gladdened, made peaceful, and healed, and his life and his well-being itself were restored. The other comfort is external. The Lord gave him grace or favor, and it is favor that is felt; that is, it made him popular in the eyes of the keeper of the prison, who observed outstanding natural ability in this youth. For when the gift of the Holy Spirit is given to men, it shines forth on the outside, with the result that this grace is seen in the demeanor, the words, the face, and the gestures. Accordingly, while the others who were being kept in the same prison were groaning, wailing, and raging, Joseph alone was resolute in heart. He taught and comforted the rest, although he was in the same danger. Yet he did not conduct himself otherwise than as if he were completely free and altogether certain of his liberation.
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