Faith in the Unseen

Whatever [Joseph] did, the LORD made it succeed.
Faith in the Unseen
These examples are set before us to instruct and strengthen us, in order that we may learn faith and hope in the Lord. But it is not a faith in things that are seen. No, it is a faith in things that are invisible (Hebrews 11:1). Thus Joseph believes in the Lord, whom he does not see; and he hopes to have His grace, which he does not perceive. He feels that everything unfavorable is being put in his way. Nevertheless, he receives what he has believed and hoped for. Up to now, therefore, he has walked like a blind man in the thickest darkness. He has seen neither God nor his father nor anything else than death and destruction. But he has clung to the Word which he had heard from his father: "I am the Lord your God, and the God of your fathers." This Word has been his life, and from this life he will later be raised to immeasurable glory and honor. This is surely an example of the works of God. It shows how God exalts His saints, so that in trials they learn patience in faith and hope, even though hope is truly patience itself, because our life must be hidden. One must say: "Close your eyes, and sustain yourself with the Word," not only in perils and conflicts but also in the chief articles of the Christian doctrine.
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