The Blessing of Listening

This proposal pleased Pharaoh and all his servants.
The Blessing of Listening
It is also a gift of God that the words spoken by this prophet Joseph pleased the king and all the princes, counselors, inspectors, and subjects: for he calls all these the king's servants and ministers. Accordingly, it is a special blessing of God to be able not only to teach but also to listen when taught; for here the devil is excluded. He has the power to make false accusations and to set up hindrances or to alienate the hearts of the listeners, especially as soon as the Word of God and prophecy, not only in spiritual matters but also as it pertains to the church and state, appears. Therefore it is a most excellent gift that the king, together with his counselors, soon admits and approves of this Word of God, as Solomon says in Proverbs 20:12: "The hearing ear and the seeing eye, the Lord has made them both." . . . When God is propitious and visits us in His mercy, He gives a seeing eye and a hearing ear. Thus Joseph is a seeing eye in the kingdom of Egypt. Pharaoh, together with his princes and ministers, is a hearing ear. . .. This indeed is exaltation after tribulation, provided that we are able to endure in trials, just as Joseph stood firm with great courage in the greatest difficulties. Therefore ineffable fruit follows, both in respect to the Church as well as in respect to the state and domestic economy.
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