Entrusted to God

Then their father Israel said to them, "If it must be so . . . take, also your brother, and arise, go again to the man."
GENESIS 43:11, 13
Entrusted to God
At last faith conquers and triumphs, and Jacob hands his son over to Judah. He neither despairs nor blasphemes but determines thus in his heart: "Hitherto I have resisted you and have wanted to try everything rather than send my dearly beloved son to Egypt. I did not want to tempt God, and for this reason I sought various means to avoid bringing him into danger. Now at length, since we are driven by extreme necessity, I shall entrust him to God's predestination and goodness." This is an illustrious example, and we should follow it in all our actions and in our whole life. For when we have done all that was possible in our tribulation and distress—just as Jacob here opposed the plans and wishes of his sons with great zeal—and there has been no help in those means, then indeed we should say: "Well and good! I have done what I could. I have not tempted God. As for the rest, I must rely on the promise He has given and entrust everything to His will and good pleasure." Then you will have the most rightful excuse of necessity, and God will liberate you in a wonderful manner or will certainly give you something better than you could foresee. Only do not lose heart.
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