A Son Is Offered

“As for me, if I am bereaved of my children, I am bereaved."
A Son Is Offered
At the end of all his misfortunes Jacob is hurled into such grief that he cries and sobs: "I am bereaved! I am bereaved!" He must offer his son. Just as Abraham sacrificed Isaac, so Jacob offers Joseph and Benjamin, to whom, as he knew, all hope and faith in the promise were attached. It was indeed a very heavy cross. Therefore he is also exalted. These examples have been set before us in order that we may learn to imitate and follow them. Although the suffering of Christ should be before our eyes continually above all, yet the weaker examples of the fathers affect us more than that sublime example of the Son of God. In Christ there was a greater humiliation than in all the fathers. But it does not enter our heart, for the fact that we know that Christ is God stands in the way. The patriarchs, however, move us more strongly. They were men like ourselves in all things when they were involved in extreme difficulties. Christ's example is more wonderful in the Sacrament and in the gift by which He became our Redemption and Salvation.
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