The Remedy for Affliction

And the men were afraid because they were brought to Joseph's house.
The Remedy for Affliction
Why do they not take hold of the Word, which can buoy them up and strengthen them, so that they can be without fear of death and dangers? So great is their bewilderment that they are unable to recall the promises and the sermons of their father which they had long since neglected. Because they despise the Word, let them have the lie, be afraid of themselves, and imagine tyranny and punishments of every kind for themselves. For these are the well-known Furies, the tortures of a disturbed conscience because of the sin which has been committed—the tortures with which it burdens and afflicts them in vain and without any cause.... [When the Law comes,] it accuses and terrifies, I am killed; and I persecute, attack, and torture myself with vain thoughts that amount to nothing. Thus over and above the fact that we sin gravely against God, we also afflict ourselves; we take a stand against ourselves and fight until a brother comes up to console and buoy us up with the Word and say: "Why are you insane? Why are you imagining things in your dreams? You are mistaken. God is not angry with you; He has taken away your sin, etc." For a heart that tortures itself needs such a remedy and the comfort of a brother.
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