Remedy for Grief

"Do not be distressed or angry with yourselves because you sold me here."
Remedy for Grief
Joseph deals here in a most kindly and friendly manner with his brothers to give them more courage. For he was a wise man. He had an understanding of the struggles of conscience. Therefore he applies remedies which soothe the grief. He applies them at the right time. "Let there be no anger in your eyes. Do not think that I am angry. All has been pardoned, forgiven, and consigned to oblivion. I love you heartily and like a brother." This indeed is what it means to forgive a brother his fault from the whole heart (cf. Matthew 18:35), especially when he is distressed and grieving. . .. We see with what great long-suffering and kindness Christ deals with His disciples after the resurrection, how gently He addresses them, shows them His hands and His side, and offers Himself to be felt, heard, and seen, eats with them, and has very pleasant conversations with them. Yet they cannot compose themselves at once. And when the angel orders the resurrection of Christ to be announced to the disciples, he wants it to be made known to Peter in particular, because he was in the greatest distress. . . For it is much more difficult to console an afflicted conscience than to wake the dead.
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