The Angel of Blessing

"The Angel who has redeemed me from all evil, bless the boys."
The Angel of Blessing
Jacob calls God an Angel in the same way in which he said above after the struggle: "I have seen the Lord face to face" (Genesis 32:30). For this Angel is that Lord or Son of God whom Jacob saw and who was to be sent by God into the world to announce to us deliverance from death, the forgiveness of sins, and the kingdom of heaven. And this Angel is our ["Redeemer"] or Liberator. He sets us free with perfect justice and liberates us from the power of the devil, who is subject to the Law because he killed the Son of God. And now the Law, death, and Satan are compelled to be silent and to stretch forth their conquered hands to the victorious and triumphant Christ. Therefore one must note carefully that Jacob is speaking about Christ, the Son, who alone is the Angel or Ambassador, born a man in time from the Virgin Mary—not the Father, not the Holy Spirit. For he makes a clear distinction among the three persons. Yet he adds: "May He bless these lads." That act of blessing he clearly ascribes to God alone.
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