I Will Wait

"I wait for your salvation, O LORD."
I Will Wait
I understand this statement to mean that the great man and patriarch Jacob foresaw that the most grievous calamities and dangers were threatening this nation from which Christ was to be born, that for this reason it had to be ruled and preserved by God, and that this could not be done without the greatest struggles and difficulties among the heathen and their enemies, who, as he knew, would gather all their strength for the purpose of destroying and extirpating these new guests in the land of Canaan. . . . Thus this statement is correctly added to stir up faith, which is necessary even in physical matters, just as Isaac had to be conceived by faith before he was begotten physically by Abraham. For if Abraham had not believed that Isaac would certainly be born from him, that is, that God is true in His promises, he would never have begotten Isaac. In this manner faith even in physical things that are not yet apparent is identical with faith in justification and in the forgiveness of sins, because of which we conclude that God is propitious and favorable toward us and is carrying out what He promises. Therefore on behalf of the children of Israel and his descendants Jacob expresses this wish: "I will wait for Thy victories, O Lord." Where? "In my seed, and in this land, which has been promised to him, until Shiloh comes."
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