Our Brother, Not Our Enemy

"Our Father in heaven."
Our Brother, Not Our Enemy
Therefore, though I feel and experience that unfortunately I cannot say "our Father" with my whole heart (as no one on earth can say it completely—otherwise we would already be in perfect bliss), yet I will experiment and begin as a little child to suck at His breasts. If I cannot sufficiently believe it, I will still not let it be false or say no to it. Although I cannot play the game as it should be done, I will not promote the opposite (as the monks and despairing hearts do, who do not regard Christ as their Brother but as an enemy and a jailer), for that would be to turn Him into the devil. Rather, I will daily learn to spell, until I learn to repeat this Our Father and this preaching of Christ as well or as poorly as I can, no matter if it is stammered and stuttered or babbled, so long as I somehow accomplish it.

From the Church Postil, sermon for Easter on Mark 16:1-8 (Luther's Works 77:33)
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