The Fault in Our Nature

"Why are you troubled, and why do doubts arise in your hearts?"
LUKE 24:38
The Fault in Our Nature
This text cannot be purchased with money or goods because a distressed heart can learn and conclude from it: even if the devil were to cite all the passages in the Bible in order to frighten the heart, if he does that too much and does not give comfort afterward, then it is surely the devil, even if you should seem to see the form of Christ hanging on the cross or sitting at the right hand of the Father. It may well be that Christ comes and frightens you at first, but that is surely not His fault, but the fault of your nature, because you do not correctly recognize Him. However, it is the devil himself who attacks you with fright and does not cease until he brings you into despair. Therefore, you must here separate very far from each other the frightening of Christ and of the devil. Although Christ may begin with frightening, yet He surely brings along comfort and does not want you to remain in fright.

From the Church Postil, sermon for Easter Tuesday on Luke 24:36-47 (Luther's Works 77:83)
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