We Are All Kings

[Christ] loves us and has freed us from our sins by His blood and made us a kingdom, priests to His God and Father.
We Are All Kings
The same thing is true with regard to the fact that we are all kings. "Priests" and "kings" are all spiritual names just as "Christians," "saints," and "church" are. And just as you are not called a Christian because you have a great deal of money and property but because you have been built on the Stone and believe in Christ, so you are not called a priest because you are tonsured or wear a long coat but because you may approach God. In like manner, you are not a king because you wear a golden crown and have many lands and people under you, but because you are a lord over all things, death, sin, and hell. If you believe in Christ you are a king just as He is a King. Now He is not a King after the manner of earthly monarchs. He does not wear a golden crown. Nor does He ride along with great pomp and many horses. No, He is a King over all kingsā€”a King who has power over all things and at whose feet everything must lie. Just as He is a Lord, so I, too, am a lord. For what He has, that I, too, have.

From Sermons on 1 Peter (Luther's Works 30:63-64)
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