Open Your Heart

Trust in Him at all times, O people; pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us.
PSALM 62:8
Open Your Heart
If you are lacking something, well, here is good advice: "Pour out your heart before Him." Voice your complaint freely, and do not conceal anything from Him. Regardless of what it is, just throw it in a pile before Him, as you open your heart completely to a good friend. He wants to hear it, and He wants to give you His aid and counsel. Do not be bashful before Him, and do not think that what you ask is too big or too much. Come right out with it, even if all you have is bags full of need. Out with everything; God is greater and more able and more willing than all our transgressions. Do not dribble your requests before Him; God is not a man whom you can overburden with your begging and asking. The more you ask, the happier He is to hear you. Only pour it all out, do not dribble or drip it. For He will not drip or dribble either, but He will flood you with a veritable deluge.

From Four Psalms of Comfort (Luther's Works 14:237-38)
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