What the World Is Asking For

In return for My love they accuse Me, but I give Myself to prayer.
PSALM 109:4
What the World Is Asking For
They refuse to tolerate good deeds. Very well, one must commit it to God and continue praying. Oh, how pious the world is! It does not want evil, and it cannot tolerate good. What, then, does it want? Hell-fire and the devil! That's what it is asking for, and that's what it will get! . . . Even if such people had no other trouble, don't you think it is trouble enough to have such a stubborn, blind, and obdurate heart that it neither sees nor hears and will not listen, but goes right ahead in the opinion that it is being blessed rather than cursed and rejects true blessing as though it were a curse? O Lord God, if we are to sin, let us commit some other sin than this!

From Four Psalms of Comfort (Luther's Works 14:260, 268)
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