The Eyes of the Lord

The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous, and His ears are open to their prayer.
1 PETER 3:12
The Eyes of the Lord
Write this verse into your heart with firm faith and see if it does not produce peace and benefits for you. Can you believe that God sits above and does not sleep or look elsewhere and forget you, but with open, wide-awake eyes always looks at the righteous who suffer from force and injustice? Why, then, would you complain and become displeased by the harm and wrong that happens to you, when He turns His gracious eyes to you and as the true Judge and God intends to help you? I would pay all the world's possessions for this eye and for this faith, if I could have it. There certainly is no lack of His looking at us, but only of our faith. In addition, he says, "His ears are also open to the prayers of the righteous" [l Peter 3:12]. Just as He looks at you with gracious, kind eyes, so also He listens with sharp, open ears to your lamenting, sighing, and praying. He listens willingly and with pleasure, so that as soon as you just open your mouth, He grants is and says, "Yes."

From the Church Postil, sermon for Trinity 5 on 1 Peter 3:8-15 (Luther's Works 78:199)
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