The Purpose of Government

God has taken His place in the divine council; in the midst of the gods [that is, earthly rulers] He holds judgment.
PSALM 82:1
The Purpose of Government
From this we see how high and how glorious God will have rulers held, and that men ought to obey them as His officers and be subject to them with all fear and reverence, as to God Himself. Whoever resists them or is disobedient to them or despises them, whom God names with His own name and calls "gods," and to whom He attaches His own honor—whoever, I say, despises, disobeys, or resists them is thereby despising, disobeying, and resisting the true Supreme God, who is in them, who speaks and judges through them, and calls their judgment His judgment. . .. All this is written because it is God's will to establish and maintain peace among the children of Adam for their own good. . . For where there is no government, or where government is not held in honor, there can be no peace.

From Commentary on Psalm 82 (Luther's Works 13:44-45)
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