The Flesh Is Weak

You guide me with Your counsel, and afterward You will receive me to glory.
PSALM 73:24
The Flesh Is Weak
As often as we are afflicted and tempted, . . . let us stoutly resist the flesh when it rages and is angry. Let us say: "Why God neglects me in this way, I do not know, but I have no doubts about the excellent, wise, and most useful plan of the Father, although the flesh does not see but murmurs and struggles against the Spirit. Nevertheless, the cross must be borne and overcome by faith and patience, for in the saintly fathers I see the wonderful plans of God by which they are ruled." . . . The flesh is indeed weak; it groans, howls, and complains, but God says: "You know nothing; you are a fool! Wisdom belongs to Me, and from this cross of yours I will bring forth the greatest good."

From Lectures on Genesis (Luther's Works 6:352)
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