Divine Righteousness

Keep a close watch on yourself and on the teaching. Persist in this.
1 TIMOTHY 4:16
Divine Righteousness
This is our glory to know for certain that our righteousness is divine in that God does not impute our sins. Therefore our righteousness is nothing else than knowing God. Let the Christian who has been persuaded by these words cling firmly to them, and let him not be deceived by any pretense of works or by his own suffering. . .. It is, however, the office of Christ to bear our sins. Hence we must conclude from this text: "If Christ bears my iniquities, then I do not bear them." All teachings which say that our sins must be borne by us are ungodly. Thus from such a text countless thunderbolts have come forward against an ungodly self-righteousness. So Paul by this article of justification struck down every kind of self-righteousness. Therefore we must diligently observe this article. I see that there are many snorers treating this article. They are the ones who consider these words the way a man does who looks at his face in a mirror (as James says, 1:23f.). The moment they come upon another object or business, they are overwhelmed, and they forget the grace of God. For that reason you must most diligently consider this article and not allow yourself to be led astray by other teachings, occupations, or persecutions.

From Lectures on Isaiah, Chapters 40-66 (Luther's Works 17:230-31)
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